Fascinating and addictive – 18 March 2016

We have oft seen Sandra weaving intricate items on her inkle loom,  when she is not already otherwise busy contributing to the life of the Guild and we have marvelled at the wonderful results.

At our recent workshop, with the assistance of Jenny, she unlocked some of the mysteries of inkle weaving for us, an ancient craft that even back then deserved several mentions by Shakespeare.





We had a really instructive workshop and learnt that in addition to being portable and accessible, inkle weaving can risk becoming addictive, but do not let this put you off having a go.

Thank you Sandra and Jenny for a really great day.

Colourful Genes !


Margaret is wearing a shawl, hand knitted from hand dyed yarn.  She dyed the yarn using the cling film and microwave method – stunning !

I took a pic of her first-ever attempt at crochet (she’s psyching up for the Woolly Worstead bunting competition) using daughter Sue’s first four shaft weaving as a background.


It was then I realised they both share a love of colour and vibrancy.  (As I share my mother’s love of chocolate – it’s genetic, better stop fighting it !)

Tapestry Weaving – 12 March 2016

Lively chatter was soon replaced by the poking out of tongues to aid concentration as we warped up our looms ready to begin our Introduction to Tapestry Weaving workshop.


 We wrestled with up threads and down threads, open and closed sheds, sumac stitch and slits.


 We quickly realised that tapestry weaving is not for those who want instant gratification, but it is very therapeutic.  A wall hanging may take some time – but I can feel a phone cover coming on !



Our thanks to Jenny for her tuition, and to Sandra for the tea and biscuits.

Dyeing Demonstration – 5 March 2016

Outside it was dull and cold, but inside the Weavers’ Workshop there was vibrancy and colour.








Ten of us were taken through the process of dyeing fleece by Tutor, Jenny.



After careful measuring and blending of dye, acid and liquid she magically transformed white unspun fleece into cherry red, vivid turquoise and blue space-dyed gorgeousness.


















Her clear and methodical approach left us feeling we might all be able to achieve something unique and wonderful.













Tea and biscuits and plenty of chatter rounded off yet another successful session