Ancient meets Modern

Amanda’s second visit to the Workshop, and look what she’s producing !  

Stan helped Val warp up a replica of a 15C box loom with linen thread, to make strapping.  (The sharp-eyed amongst you will spot a modern heddle, and cardboard tension strips, but you get the idea.)

Members left stunned and speechless

You will recall that Ros Wilson’s tapestry talk left Members stunned.  Well, it transpires that one of them had her wits about her.  See below the pics that Carolyn took.  No wonder they were speechless.  (By the way, it didn’t last.  The Workshop buzzed yesterday afternoon, and we were delighted to have two new members.  Welcome Patsy and Val.)

Stunning, quite literally !

Last Saturday was a real treat for our Members. We are fortunate in having Ros Wilson “on our doorstep” and she visited Dilham to talk to us about tapestry weaving. Ros has enhanced her creativity and talent by holidaying in Peru and taking classes with Maximo Laura, the world-renowned textile artist. Her work is stunning, quite literally !

At the end of the presentation Sharon looked across at the rest of the audience who, she said, were sitting in a trance-like state – in silence and with their mouths open (that’s got to be a first !) In fact, they were so “gob smacked” that none of them thought to take any pics !   So, Dear Readers, go onto Ros’ website (Ros Wilson Design) and see for yourselves – well worth a look !

Lots of Sticks

The time had come.  We’d enjoyed using our rigid heddle looms, made enough scarves for the population of the whole world, and even mastered pick up sticks.  We could put it off no longer. And so, fortified with Sharon’s cake, and filter coffee, Jenny introduced us to the alchemy that is four shaft weaving.  I will only divulge that it involves lots of different sticks, rubber bands, and bad language !  But oh !  the possibilities !