worstead school ‘fibre to fabric’

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Dear Worstead Weavers
Thank you for coming. Your visit was really interesting. I hope you will visit again. I never knew you could make fibres out of crab shell. The drop spindle was very, very interesting and the spinning wheel was very clever. Thank you for letting us feel the wool. I worked on the loom that made the twill.
Thomas Y3
Thank you for coming. I thought you are really talented and I really liked the spinning wheel. I also thought the drop spindle was interesting. Thank you for teaching us the peg loom and now I know how to weave I can do this at home.

Ethan Y3

Thank you for coming. The thing I enjoyed most was the really really hard loon. I did not get a really big time on the hard loom but Charlie and I enjoyed the easy loom. It was fun because it was half machine and half by hand. The trickiest loom was the one with the levers.
Charlie W

2 thoughts on “worstead school ‘fibre to fabric’

  1. Hi am interested to know the cost price of a spinning wheel. As i want to start a business of hand spun yarn. Am from india.

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